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The wood pellet boiler we install represents the very latest in carbon neutral heating for use in domestic and light commercial applications.



High efficiency
our wood pellet boilers have efficiencies in the high 80’s due to their highly efficient operation and well insulated boiler shell. The large chamber design ensures that the boiler does not clog up with ash.

Heating comfort
The wood pellet boiler is fully automatic in its operation. On start up, an electric heater ignites the pellets and the digital controller manages the entire operation. Pellets are fed into the burner in small amounts to ensure an even flame. The boiler is fully modulating in that the feed rate of pellets is varied, depending on the boiler temperature and heating demand.

Ease of cleaning
All biomass boilers, regardless of make, must be cleaned regularly to ensure efficient and safe operation. The wood pellet boiler has easy access to all maintenance points and is supplied with a set of cleaning tools and brushes. The burner is on a hinged door and can be opened by hand. The burner grate which should be cleaned weekly is fully retractable.

Automated control
The digital controller located at the top of the boiler is designed to be user friendly. The main boiler functions can be controlled from here and key system parameters entered.

Wood pellet boilers are one of the lowest carben foot print in co2 in renewable products and will require more maintance  during the year.