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Case Studies

The Glen

Property Type: New build project
Product Supplied: 14kW heat pump
Project Type: Ground Source pipes

Application & Installation:

Work commenced in February 2014 putting in the pipe work and outside ground work. We will come back in summer to complete the installation of the heat pump and underfloor heating system in the house .The house will be built of Oak construction, presenting a unique set of challenges compared to traditional brick-built structures.


‘I heard about Summit from a friend who had a ground source heat pump fitted by Summit Energies. I was so impressed with the results of the all round heat temperature and money saving benefits, and how friendly and professional the company had been with my friend. I did not hesitate to use them in my new build house, due for completion in Summer 2014. We look forward to having the rest of the system fitted in the summer when we can move into our new home.’

David Thomas
The Glen, Caldicot, Monmouthshire

Location: Caldicot, Monmouthshire
Contact Us: Summit Energies -01291 421 671 

Old Rectory house

Property Type: Domestic - Large, stone-built  Rectory
Product Supplied: 33kwh Heat Pump, 500l DHW tank and 150l Buffer tank

Application & Installation:

The Old Rectory house in Penhow  South Wales was costing astronomical amounts of money in oil to heat. After some research the owner of the property took it upon himself to contact Summit Energies, to cater for the size of the property 10 ground loops or rays were put in to trenches 1m deep by 1.5m wide and 45 m long, absorbing heat energy from the ground to the heat pump. The new units were connected to the existing central heating system.

‘Previously I had an oil fired central heating system, with the constant rise of fuel costs i decided to look at an alternative heat source.
Summit Energies provided an outstanding and friendly service and had the senaibility to manoeuvre around my exotic bird sanctuary with heavy machinery. My grounds were all levelled off and ready for seeding the new lawn.
I’m more than happy with the finished installation and it works well. I would recommend Summit Energies to anyone having renewable technology installed in their home.’
-Testimonial from owner

Location: Penhow, Monmouthshire
Contact Us: Summit Energies- 01291 421 671





Penhow Nurseries

Property Type: Commercial Greenhouse
Product Supplied: 14kW heat pump
Project Type: Ground Source pipes

Application & Installation:

‘We had our agriculture house fitted with a ground source heat pump system by Summit Energies. Being in business we are used to subcontracting services and dealing with other specialist companies.
We can say that Summit set a high standard in fitting the system they recommended for our purpose, they have a very friendly team of staff who were always helpful and friendly and not like some usual contractors of men that seem to be loud and unproductive. Their after-service has been excellent and we have saved far more money each year than we could have ever asked for.
We have also had the further bonus this year of the government giving money back each year under the RHI scheme, for which we have worked out our consumption of kW each  year which will pay for most of the cost of the system being put into the building in the first place.
Thank you Summit.’

Jimmy Jones, Company Director
Penhow Nurseries

Location: Penhow, Monmouthshire
Contact Us: Summit Energies – 01291 421 671



Mr Stevenson

Property Type: Domestic house
Product Supplied: Vacuum Tube Solar Thermal
Project Type: Solar Thermal water heater

Application & Installation:

Mr Stevenson was looking for an alternative to heat his hot water, instead of his traditional oil boiler. He chose solar thermal as it would give him most of his hot water through spring, summer and early autumn.

Although Summit Energies install all types of solar thermal from flat panels to drain back systems, Summit recommended the vacuum tube system.

Mr Stevenson said that he chose Summit Energies for their technical competence and found them very efficient, tidy and punctual and overall found it a pleasant experience using Summit energies. He has saved £350 on his yearly heating bill, compared to before installation.

I’m am very pleased with my system and not only do I save money which was my main reason for me it is nice to know the sun is providing with free heat.

Many thanks Summit energies!

Location: Shropshire
Contact Us: Summit Energies – 01291 421 671

Gareth Jones ( Catsash ) Newport South WalesChapel wood cottage

Property type; converted chapel
Product supplied; 14kw Air source heat pump

Application & installation

My original heating system was run off an oil boiler with a hot water cylinder it took hours to heat up never reached to full temperature and cost me a fortune in oil. I wanted to get rid of the oil system and go green so I decided to contact summit energies.

Summit energies removed the whole system including radiators and pipe work and replaced with new, incorporating a 14 kW monobloc Air source heat pump. The heating system now runs brilliantly “I wish I had done this sooner. The installation was done with minimum of fuss and no inconvenience to my self.
I am really happy now! Nice work guys!