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Promotional Summer & Autumn Solar Thermal Offer


Due to our buying power we have created our latest offer for you

If you have a 3 or 4 bedroom house then this offer will really save you money!

With solar hot water heating you can get up to 70% of your hot water for free. We offer an extensive choice of solar systems.


The Heat Pipe Solar Collectors offer an optimum performance to price ratio. The tubes are highly efficient due to a round shaped absorber design so that they capture the solar energy throughout the day.
Other features include:
  • High build quality - aluminium manifold design, nickel plated condenser head, borosilicate glass
  • Includes mounting kit
  • Reinforced mounting kit manufactured to quality controlled specification.
  •  mains twin coil pressure cylinder
  • Thermostatic mixer valve
  • All auxiliary pipework
  • 20 tube set collector
Subject to site survey charged @ £4450.00 inc VAT including all parts and labour

Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Heat Pipe Solar Collector:

Heat Pipe Solar Collector is the latest addition to the Firebird solar range and offers an optimum
performance to price ratio. Built to our exacting standards, they have an extremely high efficiency
and can deliver solar energy even in overcast weather conditions.

How the Heat Pipe Solar Collector works

How the Heat Pipe Solar Collector works:

The Heat Pipe Solar Collector consist of a borosilicate glass tube with a near-perfect vacuum and a
selective absorber coating applied to its inner surface.
A copper heat pipe is located inside the heat pipe which contains an alcohol-type fluid that can evaporate
at temperatures as low as 25°C.
Solar energy is absorbed onto the absorber surface on the glass tube and then transfers to the heat pipe, causing the alcohol type
fluid to heat up and turn to vapour. As the fluid evaporates it rises to the top of the heat pipe, known as the condenser section.
Here it condenses back to a fluid state and releases latent heat which is transferred to the heat exchange fluid, passing through
the upper manifold.
The condensed liquid flows back to the bottom of the heat pipe to, once again, repeat the process.

Key features of the Heat Pipe Solar Collector:

  • High build quality - aluminium manifold design, nickel plated condenser head, borosilicate glass.during commissioning.
  • Heat pipe technology - manifold can be installed initially and tubes added later
  • High efficiency vacuum tube - round shaped absorber tube ensures solar energy is captured throughout the day.