Underfloor Heating in Cardiff

Cardiff Underfloor HeatingUnderfloor heating. It’s a heating solution that seems to have scores and scores of benefits for your Cardiff home. It keeps you warm, saves you money and alongside all that, is an excellent renewable heating source. So, of course, it sounds ideal. Yet, when you’re choosing a new way to heat your home, a lot of thinking is involved. You likely have lots of questions.

Whatever your underfloor heating query may be, read on and find the answer below in our guide. Here at Summit Energies, we are experts in underfloor heating in Cardiff and have been installing these systems for over 40 years, alongside our wider range of alternative energy solutions. If you are in need of more information, make sure to get in touch today on 01291 421 671.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a system that can be used to both warm your floors and as a primary heat source for your Cardiff-home. It involves an installation of pipework in your flooring and effectively turns your whole floor into a radiator.

The system will warm your home from the ground up and is much less demanding on your boiler than a traditional radiator system, as it operates at a lower temperature (40c compared to 65c).

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

An underfloor heating system will work by distributing warm water throughout the circuit of pipes under your floor. The heat of the water is then controlled by a thermostat that maintains a consistent temperature.

So, unlike radiators, which heat the air in the immediate vicinity around them, underfloor heating will produce radiant heat throughout your home.

This also means that heat will be more evenly distributed around your home.

Cardiff Underfloor Heating Systems

What Type of Underfloor Heating is the Best Choice for Your Cardiff Home?

When looking into underfloor heating, you’ll quickly find that there are two main types. These are;

  • ‘Warm water’ / wet underfloor heating
  • Electric underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating is a system that consists of pipes, filled with warm water and powered by a boiler or heat pump, concealed under the floor. This is an excellent choice if you are building a new home or planning to install a whole-house system.

Electric underfloor heating is a cheaper option, particularly when it is being installed in an existing home. However, it has a higher running cost. Typically it is a good idea to install electric underfloor heating in small areas like bathrooms, where wet underfloor heating would be hard to install. 

Can Underfloor Heating Systems be Retrofitted?

Whilst, of course, it is best to install an underfloor heating system when your home is being built, it can be retrofitted into an existing home. Though, you’ll need a low profile option.

Low profile systems tend to consist of smaller diameter pipework and will run at a higher temperature. This means that the system will heat up and cool down much quicker than a conventional underfloor heating system.

Will an Underfloor Heating System be Expensive to Run?

A warm water underfloor heating system will generate temperatures of around 40c to 65c. This means that the actual floor temperature will be on average around 23c to 32c. This is lower than that of a standard radiator, so your heating bills will be reduced over time.

What’s more, compared to a traditional radiator-only system, underfloor heating is estimated to be 25 per cent more efficient when paired with a modern condensing boiler, and up to 40 per cent cheaper when combined with a heat pump.

Underfloor Heating Cardiff

What Insulation Will Your Home Need for Underfloor Heating?

The type of insulation your home will need will all depend on the system you install.

Any ground-floor rooms and renovation projects that have a solid floor construction will require underfloor heating to be laid directly onto pre-installed foam or polystyrene-type insulation in order to meet building regulations.

For rooms upstairs, the insulation you need will all depend on the system you have. You may require an underfloor heating system that can be installed onto floors without a solid base, often suspended timber or battened surfaces. It is recommended that with this, you choose a solution that incorporates insulation into its design, so you know that the insulation fits your system perfectly.

What Homes Does Underfloor Heating Suit Best?

Underfloor heating will suit larger more open-plan spaces best, especially those with high ceilings. This is because the heat that radiates from the floor upwards to create an even room temperature. Radiant heat will, however, mean reduced draughts, moisture levels and airborne allergens.

An underfloor heating system will also work as a standalone form of heating. Yet, its potential will all be dictated by other factors such as floor covering and insulation levels.

Choosing Summit Energies for Underfloor Heating in Cardiff

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As a team, we are experienced in providing alternative energy solutions such as underfloor heating in Cardiff. Over the 40 years that we have been in the industry, we have completed a range of projects and worked with scores of happy customers, both domestic and commercial.

Aside from underfloor heating, we provide a wider range of renewable energy solutions in Cardiff, including;