Air Source Heat Pumps

The ASHP extracts air from the outside of your building through the air source heat pump, transferring heat for your heating and hot water reqirments.

The air source heat pump uses the same methods refrigerators use in a reverse way, allowing heat to transfer into your radiators, under floor heating and hot water system inside your property. .

Benefits of ASHP

The benefits for using an ASHP is it can dramatically lower your energy bills and lower carbon emissions. It could provide you with an income through the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The Government Renewable Heat Incentive is a government financial incentive that is designed to promote the use of renewable heat. By joining the scheme and sticking to its rules you will receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat it is estimated your system produces.​Unlike oil, LPG and gas boilers, ASHP work on lower temperatures over longer periods.

Further benefits that air source heat pumps provide are;

  • Zero carbon emissions produced from your home.
  • A far more efficient heating system.
  • Safer than fossil-fuel-burning systems, as an air source heat pump is powered entirely by electricity. They also emit zero air pollutants and are combustion-free.
  • Air source heat pumps also perfectly complement other renewable systems such as underfloor heating and solar panels.
  • No fuel deliveries needed.

What are the Running Costs of an Air Source Heat Pump?

How much you save and the time it takes to recoup the cost of the system will all depend on how efficiently your air source heat pump system works, the type of heating system you replace, whether you can get money with the Renewable Heat Incentive and how you use the heat generated by the pump.

Though potentially you could save around £400-465 when replacing an old (G-rated) gas boiler, £460-545 when replacing an old (G-rated) oil boiler, £800-990 when replacing old electric storage heaters and £1145-1350 when replacing an old (G-rated) LPG boiler. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust also estimates that annual Renewable Heat Incentive payments can range from between £875 to £1,030 a year!

Is Your Home Suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps make the most financial sense in properties which are off the gas grid and have to use expensive fuels like electricity, oil, LPG and coal. A well-insulated home with high standards of air-tightness can also be beneficial, along with improving the general energy efficiency of your home. Air source heat pumps are most effective in homes which warm up quickly, keep in heat and so require very little energy to maintain a stable temperature.

The air source heat pump unit won’t take up lots of space either, but it will need to be positioned somewhere outside with adequate airflow.


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