We at Summit Energies are able to cater for all needs in all areas of the commercial sector with the best energy-saving systems that can suit your individual business requirements covering many areas e.g. Offices. Schools. Leisure Centres. Breweries. Farms.

The Green energy industries can be a bit overwhelming at times on what the best products are, to save your business money and reduce the carbon emissions you produce. Here at Summit Energies, we can provide advice on all of the Renewable Energy solutions your business needs.

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We rate our company for the understanding of our customers and the high standards of our engineers in supplying and installing the correct product systems for your individual needs. We are fully trained and qualified and are an MCS registered company which means we follow strict Rules and regulations of the high stands put forward by the governments MCS scheme that benefits our customers with the satisfaction and the security through and after a completed project.

Our company is proud to be a joint Partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Partner programme bringing the very highest quality product in the renewable industry combined with Summit Energies own high standards.


We can work with architects, planning offices, contractors, large building projects, schools as well as individual self builders in combining the correct renewable solution for that exact project using the correct calculations with the correct products that will save your business money and reduce the carbon foot print of the building.


For property Development companies we can work with your plumbers and Electricians and Builders to combine the installation on a completed system.


Self builders if you required a full service from under floor heating through to the finish of renewable solutions products we can manage the complete project as well as work with your individual needs on how much you would like us to be involved.


We Work with Farmers and Breweries and will show how we can dramatically reduce your hot water heating cost by using solar thermal for heating your dairy farms hot water needs and your micro breweries needs for hot water.


We also can use lakes and water ponds for obtaining Heat through the ground source pipes creating even more efficiency of heat recovery.

All businesses using Renewable Heating systems are entitled to a 20-year RHI from the government that will allow further revenue for your business for every KW of power you use a payment will be given.

We are a friendly company that is always here to give you advice and knowledge of the most efficient and money-saving technology in the Renewable industry and we would look forward to helping you save money and lower your carbon green footprint now and for many future years.

Please feel free to talk to our experienced team in helping you chose the correct financial choices for your business