With the growing interest for renewable energy and reduction of carbon emissions, air source heat pumps are the perfect solution for the domestic market. Whether you live in a new build or an existing home, heat pump technology can work on its own or in conjunction with an existing heating system.  Installing a heat pump in your home will eliminate the need for fossil fuels like gas or oil, it can help cut your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and earn quarterly payments from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

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Renewable Technology

With the experience that we have with Renewable technology we can calculate out the most effective heating system for your requirements and calculate your savings that can be made.

Every home has many different structures and size to deal with Summits priority is always to advise you on the best system that suits your home and give you the understanding of the renewable industry.

We are a MCS registered company which means we follow strict rules and regulations of the highest standards put forward by the governments MCS scheme that benefits our customers with the satisfaction and the security through and after we completed your home with a renewable energy system. This will allow you a payment each year from the RHI Government scheme which only MCS registered companies can issue combined with a green deal assessor which we can also help you with, this will allow you 7 years revenue on each kW of electric you use through a renewable heat system the rates depend on the type of system you use which can be found on the grant page.