Green Homes Grant Scheme

The UK government is introducing a new £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme, which could fund up to two-thirds of the cost of energy-saving home improvements.

Under the green home grant scheme, both homeowners and landlords across England will be able to apply for vouchers worth up to two-thirds of the cost of upgrading their home to be more energy-efficient. For many, the maximum they will be able to claim is £5,000, however, households on lower incomes will be eligible for up to 100% funding, up to a maximum of £10,000.

If you would like to check whether your home is eligible for a grant under this scheme, you can check via the Simple Energy Advice website. You can also check your eligibility for the low-income scheme on the government website.

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Who Can Claim Green Homes Grant Scheme Vouchers?

Only homeowners and landlords in England are eligible to access the scheme.


How Can I Claim the Vouchers?

All advice and support needed on energy efficiency home improvements will be available to homeowners across the UK from the Simple Energy Advice service. 

Simple Energy Advice will be suggesting which home improvements will be appropriate for homeowners to apply for support in funding. 

Then, homeowners will be directed to a list of approved TrustMark and or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered tradespeople in their local area to work on these improvements.

Once the works agreed, vouchers will begin to be issued from the end of September.

What Can You Do?

If you are interested in the Green Homes Grant Scheme, you can view the guide on the Simple Energy Advice website. Here, you can check whether you are eligible for the scheme, and which home improvements you can choose from.

Then, you will be prompted to complete a survey about your home and its occupants to identify what measures will be most suitable. You’ll have to carry this out, even if you know which measures you’ll like, as this is the only way to access the contact details of your local eligible tradespeople, who will be able to redeem vouchers.

Simple Energy Advice will also provide you with a range of cost estimates for the provided options and the contact details for your local tradespeople who are eligible and accredited to carry out the work.

It’s important to keep in mind that the grant scheme is only open from a very limited time – until 31 March 2021. Those eligible tradespeople will likely be very busy due to this! So act now and book in early!

What Work is Included?

The Green Homes Grant Scheme will allow you to claim vouchers to install either one or more energy-saving measures, including:

Though, you’ll have to install at least one of these measures to qualify for funding. You can also claim:

  • Double or triple glazing, when replacing single glazing
  • Energy-efficient doors
  • Hot water tank/appliance tank thermostats/heating controls

Will the Green Homes Grant Scheme include Boilers?

No, the Green Homes Grant Scheme won’t provide any vouchers for boilers. However, you can claim vouchers for installing other types of low-carbon heating. 

These low-carbon heating methods include air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps, both of which we provide here at Summit Energies.


Can the Green Homes Grant Scheme Vouchers Cover Work That’s Been Done?

No. Vouchers can only be issued for work that’s due for competition once the scheme has begun.


Do You Live in Wales or Scotland?

Whilst the Green Homes Grant Scheme is only available to those in England, there are, in fact, alternative sources of help towards energy-saving home improvements in Scotland and Wales.

You can find out more information on alternatives to the Green Homes Grant Scheme;

Here at Summit Energies, we’ll also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about energy-efficient home improvement solutions. As a company, we are fully Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited. So, whether you’re looking for an Air Source Heat Pump in Gloucestershire or Bristol or underfloor heating in Birmingham, take the time to find out more about what we can provide and get in touch today on 01291 421 671.