Solar Thermal Panels Bristol

Solar Thermal Panels are a great way to make use of the sun’s energy, by turning it into heat to provide hot water within your home.

Working by absorbing heat from the sun with solar collectors, a solar thermal system will provide your Bristol home with many advantages.

In recent years, solar thermal panels have become increasingly popular across bristol. Not only will such a system help you to save money on your monthly bills, but it will also help you to reduce your household carbon footprint. All in all, solar thermal panels will be a great investment for your Bristol home.

Here at Summit Energies, we offer a huge range of renewable energy solutions in Bristol, including solar thermal panels. As a team, we have a passion for renewable energy and we will take all the time needed to make sure that you receive the right solar thermal system for your Bristol home. No matter what you have planned, we’ll be sure to have the right experience to design, supply and install your new solar thermal system to meet your needs perfectly. Call us today on 01291 421 671 to find out more.

Why Consider Adding a Solar Thermal System to Your Bristol Home?

When you choose to install a solar thermal panel system onto your Bristol home, you will find that the system provides you with a range of benefits including:

  • Save money on your monthly energy bills. This is because the system will reduce the amount of energy you have to buy-in to heat water. 
  • A more renewable home, as solar energy is a 100% renewable energy source. You’ll always have solar energy and such a system will help you to reduce your household CO2 emissions by up to 400kg per year.
  • Solar thermal systems are incredibly low maintenance. In fact, they will only require occasional planned servicing. All you’ll need to do is keep them relatively clean and the only parts that will need to be replaced is the inverter every 5-10 years.
  • A quick and disruption-free installation. Solar thermal systems usually have a very quick turnaround on installation.
  • Increase your home’s property value. Solar thermal systems will both increase your home’s property value and raise the EPC rating of your property.

How Much Hot Water can a Solar Thermal Provide Your Bristol Home With?

On average, a solar thermal system in Bristol can provide around 40-60% of the total hot water a household needs throughout the year. This figure includes showers, hot taps, etc. This figure will fluctuate from month to month and season to season, working at its most efficient in the summer months. However, the system will still provide you with contributions throughout the Winter months.


Benefiting from Government Grants

Like with solar panels, choosing to install a solar thermal system could qualify you for the government’s domestic renewable heat incentive scheme. 

The Renewable heat incentive scheme will allow you to receive a quarterly payment for every kWh of renewable heat your system produces. In fact, the Energy Savings Trust estimates that these payments could reach anywhere between £195 and £470 a year.

Why Choose Summit Energies for Solar Thermal Panels in Bristol?

If you are looking for a high-quality solar thermal system for your Bristol home, that you can rely on, our team will be more than happy to help. No matter whether you’re planning to invest in a commercial or domestic system, we’ll provide you with an unbeatable system.

As an MCS certified business, we are experienced in installing a range of solar thermal panels in Bristol, using only top-quality products. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are being provided with the best advice and service possible.

We’re also proud members of the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme, to allow us exclusive access to trade-only products of high quality.

Will Solar Thermal Panels be the Right Choice for My Home?

It’s important to note, that whilst they do look very similar when it comes to appearance, solar thermal systems and solar panels are very different technologies. Solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity whereas solar thermal systems will convert sunlight into heat.

Much like solar panels, a solar thermal system will need to be fitted to your roof. This is important to keep in mind, as this is vital in order for the proper working of your system. Should your roof not be a viable option, you could also fit your solar thermal panels in your garden.

Find the Best Solar Thermal System for your Bristol home

A solar thermal panel system can seem like quite the investment at first, which is why it is so important to ensure that you are properly informed on what system is best for your home. 

Here at Summit Energies, we are proud to provide a wide range of solar thermal systems across Bristol to suit a huge range of properties. 

Should you like more advice and help on finding the right solar thermal panel system system for your Bristol home, our team here at Summit Energies will be more than happy to help. Simply fill in an on-site contact form or get in touch with our team directly on 01291 421 671.