Solar Thermal Service in Cornwall

Solar thermal systems are a great way of turning sunlight into heat, rather than having to depend on conventional systems which are unsustainable and can cost you month to month. A solar thermal system absorbs the heat from the sun with units called solar collectors. Whilst solar thermal systems do look similar to solar panels, they aren’t to be mixed as they are very different technologies. Solar panels convert sunlight into electrical current whereas solar collectors convert sunlight into heat which is driven into the boiler.

Solar thermal systems aren’t an outright replacement for your conventional systems but they do work well in conjunction with each other. Solar thermal systems have a range of sensors that detect whether or not the system has collected enough energy to heat the water adequately. If it hasn’t then it will allow the boiler to heat up the remaining water so that you are never left without hot water.

Like solar panels, solar thermal collectors need to be fitted to a location that collects enough sunlight for the system to work. Your roof is usually the best spot but if this isn’t possible, other locations like a garden could be an option. Solar thermal is a great way of helping to reduce your carbon footprint whilst also reducing your annual heating bills.

At Summit Energies, we offer a range of comprehensive alternative energy solutions including solar thermal services in Cornwall and Cornwall solar services. We think solar thermal is a handy solution for a lot of homes that a lot of homeowners should consider. If you would like to find out more, take a look below or get in touch with our South Wales-based expert team on 01291 421 671.

How Much Hot Water Can I Expect From Solar Thermal Systems?

Your average solar thermal system is expected to generate up to 60% of the hot water used in your household. This includes heating for your home, hot water for baths and showers and the water running in your hot tap(s). The amount of heat generated does fluctuate from season to season but you can expect a range of 40% to 70%.

  • The thermal solar panels will work at their best during the summer. The sunlight that we see in the summer will produce close to 100% of all the heated water used in your home.
  • In the spring & autumn, a solar thermal system will pre-heat the water in your water tank/cylinder which helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your water.
  • During the winter, the system will be less efficient however you will still see smaller contributions from the system during this season.

The benefits of using thermal solar panels for heating are extensive. For one, the energy source comes for free and research shows that solar panel heating systems can deliver up to 70% of the hot water requirements for an average household in the UK.

Investing in thermal solar panels is an investment in the future and for the environment. You’ll be doing your bit to help reduce your carbon footprint as well as reducing your heating bills, whilst also adding to the resale value of your property. By using solar panels to heat the water in your home, you will be helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while at the same time improving the energy efficiency, and potentially the value of your home.

Will Solar Thermal Panels Be Suitable for Your Home?

If you are thinking of purchasing a solar thermal system for your South West home, you have to consider if it will be suitable for your home. There may be some circumstances where the system won’t work at its best due to roof positioning etc or obstructions which mean the solar panels won’t receive the sunlight it needs. These systems are also usually not suitable for apartments or flats as they will need to be rooted to the existing boiler which isn’t possible for a lot of apartment blocks.

Solar thermal systems need to be positioned in an area that collects the most sunlight possible. Ideally, the collectors should be orientated due South if possible, and at an angle of between 40° and 50°. Variations to the optimum positions are permissible and the chart on the right shows the % reduction in solar energy captured.

If you’d like to make 2021 the year you invest in a solar panel heating system, make sure to request a quote and find out more about our solar thermal systems in South Wales, make sure to get in touch with our team today on 01291 421 671. Here at Summit Energies, we also supply a wider range of alternative energy solutions, across South Wales, the South West, Cornwall and beyond, alongside our solar thermal systems. These include air source heat pumps, solar thermal, ground source heat pumps and more. Please feel free to also ask about these, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Solar Thermal System Cornwall